Blog · November 23, 2011

Something to be Thankful For

With Thanksgiving just a few hours away I’ve been pondering the words of a few relatives lately, relatives that I have a hard time speaking with because joy, thankfulness and looking for the silver lining no matter how dire the situation seems to not be part of their psyche. I would be ok to listen to their complaining if it was seldom, warranted and they took my feelings into consideration, but they never do. Their wining is constant, about small stuff, they offer no support nor recognize my family’s health issues and what’s worse, if I dare say that whatever they are dealing with or dealt with is minute compared to my situation, well, I don’t dare say that. Mainly because it’s not worthed. But… think about it. Would you complain to a child with EB about your scar? Would you complain to a homeless man about your broken living room table? Would you complain about a cold to a man on his death bed?

Truth is, there is always something to be thankful for. ALWAYS. George Bailey was always such an adventerous spirit, but when none of his dreams came true and was stuck in Bedford Falls, gloom and doom took over. It took a dire financial situation to bring him to the brink of contemplating suicide. He was so blinded by his daily grind he had stopped looking at and appreciating what he did have. He might not have had the chance to travel the world or have the career he aspired to, but he had a loving wife, 4 wonderful healthy children and more friends and family members that loved him than anyone could ever hope for. When Clarence showed him what the world would have been like without him finally the light switch turned on which allowed him to see, and when his brother Harry flew through a storm to be with him and announced to him he was the ‘richest’ man in town, he could not have said more prophetic words. Truthfully, George had so much to be thankful for.

It’s no surprise to me that ‘It’s a wonderful life’ is my favorite movie of all time. I’ve needed the message it conveys many times in my life. I’ve seen other great movies with similar messages, such as ‘Family Man’ with Nicholas Cage, or ‘Mr. Destiny’ with Jim Belushi, but I guess Mr. Stewart holds a special place in my heart. Keeping messages like these running through my psyche, I try to go through each day searching the silver lining on everything. Going with the flow. What can I learn from this? What good can come out, and if none, just accept and move forward. This is of course easier said than done on many occasions and I do find myself in the gloom and the doom at times, but somehow I always get myself out of the funk eventually.

For this Thanksgiving I am thankful that I am healthy and I am able to care for my family. I am thankful that despite setbacks, Nicky is doing ok for the most part. I am thankful that my husband is making strides, however slow they might be. I am thankful my 8 year old is so funny, helpful, cuddly. I am thankful my parents are healthy and so are my sisters and all my nieces and nephews. I am grateful for all my wonderful friends who help me daily searching for that silver lining. I could go on and on.

My new resolution for the new year is finding one thing to be grateful for and write it on my calendar. What are you grateful for?