Blog / Nicky's Life · February 18, 2016

Nicky’s Life Part 29


June 2005 – This is a very special photo for me because it has all my three boys together, in the only way they can be together. I have this one framed in the house. Because Alex is buried in Arizona (at the Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Mesa), I don’t have many chances to go visit his grave, so anytime I pass by Phoenix for any reason (which is not very often), I feel the pull to go bring some flowers to my angel.

I’ve had wonderful friends and some family members every now and again bring flowers and send me a new photo, of which I am immensely grateful.

Both Nicky & Connor are well aware of their angelic brother. We’ve all had experiences that tell us he’s “around”, watching over. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind.

More of Alex’s and Nicky’s story in the book… Thank you so much for your support!!

Love & Light,



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