Blog / Silvia's Blog Quotes · June 4, 2016

Blog Quotes Part 4

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Time and patience have brought me a long way. I have a sense of peace about things that is hard to explain sometimes.

I try my best to own the pain so it does not own me.

I kept my personal bankruptcy, which resulted from our insurance company refusing to pay for supplies and other things a secret because I was so incredibly embarrassed and mortified about it. But the secret is out. I am not longer embarrassed or mortified, I am mad as hell.

Just as every person is different with their talents and gifts, so are those with Epidermolysis Bullosa. Everyone is different. Respect. Listen. Care.

Until there is a full-fledge cure, bandages are key and nobody can afford this stuff. I don’t even dare look at the bill each month. I know it’s in the thousands. THOUSANDS! It’s insane.

It’s so easy to judge myself, but the truth is, at the time I did the best I could with the little information I had and little to no bandages available to me.

Love & Light,

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