Blog / Silvia's Blog Quotes · September 12, 2016

Blog Quotes Part 7

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Never bad mouth the mother or father of your children to them. Never use your children against their other parent. NEVER!

Be the first to say you’re sorry. Laugh until you cry and Love with all your heart.

When you see someone suffering, don’t think for a minute that their life has no value, that their life does not matter. Because it does.

So many well-wishers often tell us they hope he’ll be OK soon. They truth is, RDEB is degenerative. It gets worse and worse with age. He won’t be OK soon or ever unless a cure is found.

Copays have only one purpose: to place a financial disincentive in front of you before accessing healthcare. This is fine and dandy for someone that is never sick or goes to the Doctor rarely, but for patients that are chronically ill, copays are a gigantic burden.

Compassion for others is truly a gift, no matter how you slice it..

Love & Light,

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