Blog · June 7, 2018

Thank You Emma!!

When Emanuelle McIntosh  asked me to be the first of Inspirational stories to share on her YouTube channel I couldn’t say YES fast enough. Nicky was on board even before I asked him if it was OK that I said yes! Nicky and I are of one mind, and when we’re not he’s sure to tell me, LOL. My husband sometimes makes fun of us, as I know what Nicky needs before he even says what he needs. He’s a part of me like my arm. That much is certain.

Emma is what we call a “spiritual translator”. That means she’s an intuitive medium and is able to speak to not only our deceased loved ones on the other side, but is able to speak to our guardian angels and can tap on our previous lifetimes for further understanding of our current lives.  Finding her on the Channeling Erik website changed my life. My sessions with her  have been amazing, and I have no doubt about her abilities as she has correctly identified relatives, their names, personalities and more. Just to be able to “chat” with my Alex has been more healing than anything else I have ever done in my life to try to remember him.
Years ago I had done a “previous life regression” with an amazing lady that sorta hypnotized me, and I saw who I was in 6 previous lifetimes. Not sure if I imagined this stuff, I wrote on my phone the details, including names, places and years associated with them, and I only told my husband about them. Nobody else. When I asked Emma about my previous lifetimes, it was mind blowing for her to confirm that I was a nurse that died in a bombing in WW1 in Germany and a girl in Norway in the late 1700s, along with confirming I was a man in with a successful business in Boston in the late 1600s and others. Mind blown. She’s the real deal. There is no doubt in my mind. My whole life I knew that “Boston” was someplace special. I had many deja vus about that city that started when I was a little girl. I’ve never been there, yet when I see a picture of the old streets of Boston, I know it’s Boston even though the picture may not say. Now I know why.

Here’s our interview!!!

I know many patients constantly say “I am not your inspiration.” This is a phrase that is increasingly popular among the disabled community. But I couldn’t disagree more. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why people that are disabled would say that, as to them their life is their normal, and when we call them inspirational we point them out as different and they understandably don’t like that. Everyone craves “their” normal. For an EB patient, for example, bandages are their normal. A feeding tube is their normal. Trying not to make a big deal over a wheelchair, a nurse or medical equipment is their normal.

But it is a big deal to those that never had to bandage their child or never had to be bandaged. It’s a big deal to those that never seen a feeding tube. It’s a big deal to those that never had to push a wheelchair, let alone be in one. What is “ordinary” for a person with EB, is extraordinary for someone that has a hard time getting through their day without all these obstacles. If seeing Nicky living his life this way, thinking about the courage he might need to live, inspires someone to try a little harder, makes them get  out of bed, or try something new, telling themselves “Well, if he can do this life thing, than surely I can too,” then I cannot be happier. Nicky feels the same too. Nicky will never tell you “I am not your inspiration”, because he understands everyone needs something or someone to inspire them. And if he (or I) is what inspires you, then we will be your inspiration in a heartbeat.

Many people ask Nicky and I how we do it.  How do we get through our day living with Epidermolysis Bullosa? Most often I’m not really sure how to respond. “We just do it.” is our response more often than not. I know that Nike already has rights to the saying, but the question is not really something that can be answered. One day at a time is how we move forward.

Love & Light,