Blog / Silvia's Blog Quotes · September 25, 2018

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When my son was born there were no research trials, no further treatment of any kind. No pills, medications or hopes to be had.

No one can prepare you for having a rare child. It’s a lonely place to be.

I am a special needs parent. I got this.

When I feel grief wash over me, when I am tired of fighting, when I feel isolated or exhausted, I can almost hear another special need mom telling me “you got this”.

Some people are just toxic. Don’t feel guilty for taking them out of your life. If they don’t care about you enough to return a message or say something nice and only spew hate, let them go. You’ll be better for it.

So much in life is out of our control. If there is nothing I can do to remedy the situation, giving myself a heart attack solves nothing. Zen out!