Nicky’s Life Part 69

October 2001

I don’t find any perverse pleasure posting this particular pic, but this is what EB is. 😓

In the book I write about the day that Nicky fell in Kindergarten. This photo was taken that day.

Here’s what I wrote:
“One morning in October, just a couple of weeks after Nicky got his Aide, I got a call from the school I was hoping I would never get. Nicky had tripped and fell head first on the mat inside the class and he was very hurt in the face and was screaming uncontrollably. I don’t think it took me 2 minutes to get to the school. I walked in the classroom and I was beside myself. Nicky had chunks of skin coming off his cheeks and basically his whole face was a mess. I took him to the bathroom inside the classroom and I sat him in my lap, trying to calm him down, kissing him, hugging him, loving him. It was awful. I was all ready to take him home, but once he quieted down he told me he didn’t want to go home. I could not believe it. The entire classroom pretty much got a lesson on EB that day that I am certain they will never forget. Realizing there are more things to worry about than what to wear to school or that being healthy is a privilege, little five years olds may not remember this day, but the lesson, they might. Despite a face full of wounds, Nicky decided to stay until the end of the class, and of course I didn’t leave his sight. The bravery and determination my five year old showed that day is beyond anything I had witnessed in my entire life. “

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