Camp Wonder parent’s trip to Muir Woods (CA)

Every year the wonderful organizers of Camp Wonder send the parents to a trip to visit the local area of interest. We always look forward to these trips and Bill is such a gifted travel guide! Over the past few years, Bill has taken us to a trip to Napa…

Our group at the Sterling Winery in Napa, circa June 2009

…a wonderful excursion in San Francisco…

A wonderful lunch at the Beach Chalet in Golden Gate Park, circa June 2010

…an amazing trip to Monterey and Carmel…

Our group at Point Lobos, circa June 2011

…and just as if we can’t think of where we could possibly go next that is at a reasonable distance, Mr. Bill takes us to Muir Woods, an amazing place I never knew existed! Afterwards we had a great lunch at the Marina and even went to take some amazing photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Do I really need to say where we are? FAB! June 2012

…and here is the video I promised of the pics I took at Muir Woods. Make sure to click on the wheel to adjust the settings to 1080HD and view at full screen! Enjoy!

I wonder where Bill will take us next year! Bill and CSDF, you RULE! THANK YOU!!!!