Nicky is my precious boy, I absolutely adore him! He was born November 25, 1996, and was unfortunate enough to come into this world with an extremely rare skin blistering disorder called “Epidermolysis Bullosa”, or EB for short. There are only about 600 patients with RDEB like him in the United States. He scratches/blisters extremely easily.

He has a rather severe form of EB called “Recessive Dystrophic”, which is not only devastating but life-threatening, and does not improve with age, it gets worse. His fingers and toes web and contract, he has a g-tube to supply nutrition to him, as his esophagus is in bad shape. He has to be covered with bandages from head to toe to prevent new wounds and protect the existing ones.

Regardless of his condition, Nicky is my light and inspiration, the love of my life.

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