Yesterday I took the opportunity of going to the mall for Christmas shopping. I save money every month just so my boys can have a nice Christmas morning, so I was excited. I hadn’t been in the mall in a very long time and the whole place just depressed me. I was in the wrong place to shop for my boys! Don’t get me wrong. I love malls. I used to be a manager for several Babbage’s in many different malls in the Phoenix area in the early 90s and I used to just love working there. The selection of stores was amazing. Malls nowadays though are… hmmm… different. They all compete for the same demographic, seems like. Girls/Women. Gone are all the Hallmark Stores, Bookstores, Toy Stores, CD/Music stores, Video Stores, malls are now the land of clothes. Clothes, clothes, clothes and more clothes, with a couple of shoes andRead More →