I came across this quote a while back and it kinda just “hit me” in the gut. “The most destructive thing I’ve ever done is believe someone else’s opinion of me” I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this quote… How many times, in our lives, people put us down and bully us without knowing the full story? How many times have we been compared to others and we are told we do not “measure up” to them? As if living is a competition on who is more educated, more beautiful, or who makes more money? I’ve learned along the way that the most wonderful people I’ve ever met are not the most successful, nor the most educated. The most wonderful people are those who are caring and compassionate, who have empathy and know that a kind word goes a long way. You know, those people that know whenRead More →

It seems like more than ever, in our connected society, everyone is hell bent in convincing everybody else that “their” way of thinking is better. Their way of doing things is better. Their beliefs are more important or more true than what another may hold. This feels almost as a confidence exercise, a way to elevate themselves and claim superiority and the more people they “recruit” to their way of thinking or doing, the better. Using hate to achieve this has reached a new low. Just look at our President’s tweets. Ugh. But this not just true about politics, it’s true about anything in life. A few years ago, a woman told me that my son Nicky most likely didn’t want to be an inspiration. She told me this while she forwarded me a video of a disabled woman whose worse thing in her life, she claimed, was to beRead More →

At one point or another in life we have to rely on some aspect of belief to get us through the tough patches of our existence on earth. This is why religions of all kinds sprung up at an early stage of our human evolution. Our souls needed something to believe in. Weather we believe in a supreme energy, a God of some sort, our souls evolving and learning, or even if we believe in nothing and are just muddling through, any kind of way we decide to survive it’s the right path for us as long as it works in getting us through it to the other side of understanding, acceptance and healing. I suppose my gripe is how some religions decide to throw certain kinds of people under the bus, in an effort to elevate ourselves. I never understood that. Aren’t religions supposed to bring us together? Aren’t religionsRead More →