Just recently a huge gift was bestowed upon me. The gift of no co-pays for Nicky’s supplies. This is no $20 co-pay, this should have been in the hundreds, even thousands (supplies come with a 30% co-pay), making taking care of Nicky almost impossible to afford. This was all in all a “new” issue I was dealing with. Since the ACA passed, insurance companies have been looking for ways to make more money, since their priorities lies with the stockholders and not the sick, so as of a couple of years ago supplies went from 100% covered to only 70%. Because, as we know, the sick are wealthy. Yes, that is sarcasm. While the supplier waved the co-pays until it could no longer due to new regulations, the g-tube supplier didn’t, leaving me to purchase Nicky’s food and g-tube supplies off eBay. Luckily, and I don’t say this lightly, aRead More →

I never once thought much, if at all, about insurance co-pays until Nicky was born. I went to the Doctor rarely, and a $20 here and a $20 there never broke my bank account. Then Nicky was born. Leaving aside the cost of bandages which the insurance refused to pay for (an ungodly amount which drove us into bankruptcy within a year), I remember clearly as if it was yesterday the day that the Doctor gave me referrals for the Physical & Occupational Therapists which he felt Nicky needed to see weekly (twice a week each), and more, including an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Doctor, a local Dermatologist (which I refused to see because he knew nothing about EB), a Hand Therapist, a Speech Therapist and a Plastic Surgeon. And of course the EB specialist at Stanford-a 12 hour drive, with an expensive hotel stay. The hotels in Palo Alto areRead More →