It’s that time of year where depression sets in. The time where “vacations” are over and it’s back to the old grind. Of course, the fact that Nicky is having the corneal abrasion from HELL doesn’t help at all. It’s the constant battles, every time you turn around, that exhaust me. I had someone ask me why Nicky “wakes up” with corneal abrasions since we sleep with our eyes closed. I know this is a valid question so I wanted to share my answer. First, we need to remember that his EB (RDEB-HS) effects his eyes too. There are different ways this happens. If he sleeps with his eyes slightly open, they will dry up and a slight touch with his hand or brisk movement will cause the abrasion. He could also scratch his eye while he sleeps. Sometimes he scratches his eye while he’s asleep and hurts the skinRead More →