August 1998 – When we spent several months in Italy in 1998 so that my parents could help me take care of Nicky, I had the opportunity to have my little guy spend quality time with my Nonna Rina, which is Nicky’s great-grandma (BisNonna). We would go visit her often and she would always ask for kisses. It was so sweet. I miss her dearly, but I know she had a long life, passing away only a couple of monthsRead More →

My little sister was a big surprise in our family. One could say she is and always will be our greatest blessing, one that, however, my parents were not planning on. This meant that from the time she was born our vacations had to be… ahem. Cheaper. So, every year between 1973 and 1981 (and beyond, 1981 was my last summer with them) my family spent our summer vacations in the house built by my grandfather in the village in Italy whereRead More →