There comes a point in your life, usually with age, in my case at least, where you need to reclaim yourself and not put too much weight on what other people think or what our society deems acceptable. I now 1000% know who I am and I came up with these rules for to reclaim myself. Can you relate? 1. PEOPLE’S OPINIONS. I’ve heard enough negative opinions about myself since I was a child that if I let that dictateRead More →

Be Healthy, Stay Healthy You have one body and it has to last you as long as possible, so treat it well. Vegetables, fruits? Yes! Your body loves those. Get your move on as well. Don’t have time to exercise? Just park as far away as possible, take the stairs, truly, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Move them legs. Don’t Be a Bitter Ex Bitterness feels bad. It’s aging. It’s negative. It’s yucky. Most especially if youRead More →