Going to the Debra.org PCC is always a treat. The first Conference I attended with Nicky was the one held in Los Angeles in 1999. It seems like forever ago. Nicky was 2.5 years old and by then I had many “online” friends which I had the absolute pleasure to meet in person. Back then, without Facebook or even MySpace, the only way to find someone who was dealing with the same rare disorder was through mailing lists or message boards. That seems so antiquated right now! Still… those first parents that I met remain in my close circle of friends who I love because we “get” each other as we’ve been through this roller coaster together all these years. The following Conference I attended was the one in Palo Alto (CA) in 2004, followed by the one in 2012 in Orlando (FL). They have conferences every 2 years, whyRead More →