A couple of years ago, in the name of being “supportive” in regards to Nicky (or so he claimed), someone told me “At least he’s not dead”. Apparently this individual had lost two cousins to some condition he did not identify and that was the reason for his statement. When I was outraged and said “gee, thanks!”, he did not apologize, either. He didn’t think he anything to apologize for, imagine that. It was certainly not the first time someone was not supportive at all, claiming to be, and it will most certainly not be the last. Empathy and Compassion are not something many people excel at. Sadly. Please everyone, allow me to share a few thoughts: Know that anything that starts with “At least” is not supportive at all, to anyone. Least of which making me or anyone feel lucky… or guilty (depending on how we look at it)Read More →