“I have never had a day with no pain and it is almost torture to watch people do things that I know I can’t.” ~Sohana Collins (https://www.cure-eb.org/) This sweet and heartbreaking quote from a girl with EB touched me more than words can say. After I retweeted it, I asked Nicky if that’s how he felt too, assuming he would say something along the lines of “obviously”, but he said “No”. “No? What?” I was a little shocked to be honest. For some whatever reason I was always under the impression that Nicky was in pain 24/7. I always felt it was torture for him to just sit there while others did things, including his brother. I also never ate in front of him because I knew he loved food and not being able to eat it… you know… I try not to do it unless there is no choiceRead More →