What I am watching I am a huge Trekkie as my friends know. I used to go to Star Trek conventions back in the early 90s! I am also, shall we say, an equal opportunity Trekkie. I like all Trek shows, movies, all the time, unlike my sweet hubby who is only a big fan of the original show. He’s watched the movies with me and a few of the Borg episodes of the Next Generation, but that’s about it. This new show, Star Trek Discovery, became available on  CBS All Access late last year. It is now on DVD for those that do have it. I didn’t watch it right away simply because I am just spoiled with other shows that I stream, I love to BINGE! CBS all Access would release an episode per week, so I waited until the whole season was available to stream. What toRead More →

What I am watching When season 1 of 13 Reasons Why dropped on Netflix last year I wasn’t interested in watching it at all. Let’s face it, it has been a LONG time since I was in High School, and little by little, year after year, movies or shows that depict teenagers’ lives are less and less relevant nor interesting to me. Then on a talk show one of the actors that portrays a parent of these kids started explaining how important the show was and how the parents were also part of the story, hence I figured I’d watch the first episode and then see what’s what. The show pulls you in immediately and it talks about so many subjects that are so taboo (bullying, rape, invasion of privacy, suicide and so much more) and it’s so well done that I watched the entire first season in a coupleRead More →

What I am watching I have been a Chicago Fire (NBC) fan from the very beginning and the show never disappoints. I am not sure what exactly I find compelling, but it does remind me of the old 1970s shows like Emergency or even CHiPs, which I grew up on. What drew me in initially was the fact that Jesse Spencer from “House” was going to be starring in it, but after watching the very first few episodes I realized that Taylor Kinney was an even bigger eye candy for me. “Mamma needs her eye candy” is what I tell my boys all the time, ha ha. This is one of the very few shows that I watch immediately as it airs, which I rarely do nowadays for any show. I normally tape everything and watch it “whenever”. I must also say that the crew of Chicago Fire invited an EBRead More →

What I am watching I was looking for something to binge on Netflix last month and after watching the first 15 minutes of 3 different shows, I landed on Alias Grace and it immediately grabbed me. Alias Grace takes place in Canada in the 1840s and beyond, and tells the story of Grace Marks, a young, poor Irish immigrant and domestic servant who finds herself accused and convicted of a double murder. The actress that plays the role is riveting, and during the 6 episodes I got completely entranced in her story as she tells it to an American Psychiatrist. The end kinda baffled me, but it sure made sense!! A+ Nobody was happier than my husband and I for the return of Timeless  (on NBC) !!! Time Travel must be my favorite genre of shows of ours, which started with the 1960’s epic movie “The Time Machine” and wasRead More →

What I am watching Just before I left for my trip to Stanford for Nicky’s surgery I finished watching the 2nd and, may I say, glorious, season of Victoria. Because I was enthralled by the Olympics and busy watching Downton Abbey every spare moment, I taped all the episodes that aired on PBS in January and February and then I binged. I love binging!!! I find myself going to Wikipedia to learn more about this person or that person or to learn “if this and that” really happened, and most of the time I am pleased to see it indeed has. I am a very “visual” person, so to learn history this way is very rewarding to me. Victoria and Albert are no longer just figures from the past, but living, breathing human beings I care about, and I love their love story. Learning about history this way is somethingRead More →

What I am watching I know I am extremely late to the party, but by the time I heard about how fabulous this show was it was too late to start watching from the beginning. Looking for something to watch right after Christmas after Outlander ended I saw that Downton Abbey was available to stream on Amazon Prime and I got hooked from the very first episode. I love the period it entails, right around WW1 and after, the father with 3 daughters (my dad had 3 girls as well!) and the whole house staff that was so endearing. Mrs. Patmore anyone? And the indomitable Mrs. Violet Crawley. Loved it. I watched all 6 seasons in less than 2 months. Simply FAB. I never watch most of these sports, what am I saying? I never watch ALL these sports unless it’s the Olympics!!! Skiing, Skateboarding, Luge, Figure Skating, I can’tRead More →