Blog / Nicky's Life · September 9, 2016

Nicky’s Life Part 43

12829115_447780595419854_7842905482904225202_oOctober 1998 – This is my dad’s absolute favorite photo with Nicky, taken at the Milan airport in Italy on the day we were flying back home to Phoenix. Nicky was almost 2 years old.

I know it may seem bizarre since they are giving us their back, but dad spent a great deal of time teaching Nicky to walk and just loving him and would follow him around everywhere. Til this day he’s extremely fond of him even though he does not see him often and was thrilled to see him this past summer.

My dad is 85 and is still one of the most amazing human beings I ever met and I am sincerely humbled to be his daughter.

More of Nicky’s story in the book… Thank you so much for your support!!

Love & Light,



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