What can I say about Connor? He’s my treasure. But he’s more than that to me. He represents something that I cannot easily put into words. Before he was born I often felt as I failed my children. My first baby, Alex, was stillborn at full term, I then miscarried my second baby, a little girl I named Emily and my Nicky was suffering every day from EB. Connor’s pregnancy was not an easy one because I was afraid. Since I miscarried, I was afraid to lose him early on. Since I had a stillborn baby, I was afraid to go to the very end. Since I had a child that was suffering daily, I was afraid to have another child suffer. My entire journal and my feelings about the pregnancy are available at Storknet.

When he was born healthy I never took it for granted. I know a lot of people, actually most people take having live, healthy children for granted. I never will. Maybe that’s Connor’s legacy, maybe that’s why he came to me. But, one thing is for certain, I no longer feel like a failure. Thank you baby boy!