I must admit, this past week it was hard to try to be my usual ‘Zen’ I try so hard to be. Nicky’s g-tube supplies failed to show up a few days before we usually run out, and with 3 days of ‘food’ left, I called, only to find out that, for the umpteenth time, the company that supplies us with these vital products changed. It’s never, ever a good thing. Actually this time, the company didn’t technically ‘changed’, they merged with another one, and they claimed they Faxed the referral to the Medical Group/Insurance on May 21st and they were still ‘waiting’ for a response. They also stated that they do not send anything automatically, and that from now on I have to ‘call’. Oh no. Not this again. I honestly hate to ‘call’. I never know ‘when’ to call. I can’t call too soon, they have rules I haveRead More →