One would think that after all these years of dealing with the Insurance, Medical Groups, Doctors, NPs, Referral and Service Personnel and the Medicalese involved, I would no longer have to deal with the insanity and run-around of people telling me completely different things, but I suppose I am no immune to ignorance. Just because I’ve dealt with stupid people before, that does not mean it’s not going to happen again. Ugh. Late last year the company that provides us with Nicky’s g-tube supplies (Lifecare Solutions) left me a message to let me know that the company was moving out of the state and that so-and-so company would be taking over. So far so good. No problem. In the past, the referral was automatic, so to speak. The new company would take over the monthly re-supply order of the pump, the bags and the various supplies that sustain Nicky andRead More →