Blog · December 5, 2014

Ask Nicky!

10009859_10152858327287174_2914801347647718034_nI will be done with my book real soon, and then comes the hard part of selling it or self-publish it, we’ll see. However, in the new year, I want Nicky himself to be able to answer questions on a video I will make of him which I will then upload to YouTube. So, ASK away by leaving a message below on the facebook plug-in. Please be kind and sensitive, it’s all I ask. Nicky is truly a trooper, he wants everyone to know about his condition, so we’re gonna run with it. I am hoping to make several videos each perhaps tackling a different subject per se depending on what Nicky is comfortable talking about.

Remember, Nicky is 18 years old now, and he has the (Hallopeau Siemens-Severe Generalized) Recessive Dystrophic form of Epidermolysis Bullosa.

So… go at it… ASK NICKY!!!