Blog · November 25, 2015

A Thanksgiving Birthday

12107063_860853270663524_8215076613673453991_nI am in a giddy mood today (hence the cartoon). Nicky turns 19 today. Wow.

Happy Birthday Darling!

Ever since he was born we celebrated his birthday on Thanksgiving day because it’s so much more fun when we bring out the cake and the gifts while everyone is actually here. Not that we have that much family visiting, but at least his dad will be here, and this year his step-sister and her wife will be here as well. The more the merrier. I wish I could have over my parents, my sisters, aunts, nieces, nephew, cousins and the whole bit, but that will have to wait until we sell everything and move to Italy in a decade or less. Here’s crossing fingers I can actually make that happen. It’s not going to be easy.

I even asked my mom last week if they sell Turkeys there and she said YES! I was so excited. They, of course, do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Italy, but since Greg, hence Connor, are direct descendants from the original pilgrims (I still think it’s crazy that I even found the connection) I have to keep it going. So I will continue our Thanksgiving tradition when we move there. I thought it was funny how my mom and dad stressed that the Turkeys there are smaller, due to the fact that they are not given growth hormones and all that jazz, which I think it’s even better anyway. It’s fine. All  you need to do is show up, leave the cooking to me, I told them. They stressed that they had turkey a few years ago that my cousin brought over from the US and they were not impressed. Well, after cooking turkey for almost 20 years every year, I am confident in my culinary skills. “You will like mine, promise, because you know I’m all about the baste”, lol.

Ok, enough about that. This post is supposed to be about Nicky. Nicky who can barely swallow mashed potatoes, forget the turkey. Yet I am still thankful.

I am thankful that he’s stable.

I am thankful he has internet friends.

I am thankful he smiles and laughs every day.

I am thankful he has such a peaceful and sweet disposition.

I am thankful he does not have any wounds right now that are worrisome.

I am thankful he thinks I am funny when I drink a little wine when I change his bandages. He would never tell me “no more wine, mom”, ha ha.

I am thankful he’s still with us, because tomorrow is not promised. Then again, tomorrow is not promised for any of us, and all I can do is enjoy the present and keep taking photos and videos. I know on a distant tomorrow I will cherish these memories.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Love & Light,