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Nicky’s Life Part 28


Fall 2004 – This is actually a quite famous photo of Nicky, I used it for all kinds of things, LOL. It was taken at CHLA (Children’s Hospital Los Angeles) after the first round of iron infusions were over. He was soooo happy!!! It cracked me up.

Just a few months earlier his Doctor referred Nicky to the hematologist at CHLA because Nicky’s iron level were borderline lethal. They scared me half to death. I had given Nicky liquid “Ferrous Sulfate” supplements since he was a baby but his blood no longer absorbed iron that way. His levels were so low they we had to drive to CHLA (90 minute one way) 3x a week during the summer for blood infusions first (to replenish the blood with the enzyme that absorbs iron) and then actual iron to stabilize him. We’ve been getting iron infusions ever since, at times blood too, although nowadays his numbers are so stable he only needs to go a few times a year.

More of Nicky’s story in the book… Thank you so much for your support!!

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