Blog · March 4, 2016

Friends was talking to my cousin the other day and I asked him if he was as happy as I was to have grown up in a world without computers. He concurred. And while we were actually discussing life in general, the one thing that came to mind after our talk is how the internet has changed friendships and the relationships we have with people in general

On one hand, it’s fabulous. I was able to find old friends from High School and any school I attended prior to that and we were able to re-kindle amazing friendships. I will forever be grateful for that. I am also happy to keep in touch with many family members and friends scattered all over the world. I was also fortunate enough to discover new friendships which lifts my spirit every day.

Of course there is always a negative side… doesn’t everything have a negative side though? I lost count of the people that disappointed me on social media. People post the most cruel and hateful things on there and as my jaw drops, it has also helps me see the other side of a person I thought I knew. It helped me recognized fake friends too. Even though on Facebook people are no longer anonymous per se, they still feel “entitled” to say the most incredibly insensitive things. In some ways it’s appalling.

But I tell myself I cannot stoop to their level.

Connor was upset this morning because a kid was making fun of his long legs. I told him to find something about the bully and bully him in return and he said to me: “No, mamma, that’s not the kind of kid I am”. This had a profound effect on me. We must not stoop down to their level. Someone who you thought was a good friend “unfriended” you for a bogus reason? Wish them well and be on your way. Someone makes judgements about your life that are completely erroneous? Correct them and don’t expect an apology-you won’t get one.

We often concentrate our energy and attention on those who have hurt us or disappoint us. We tend to overlook those souls who have been instrumental in guiding and leading us toward our best selves. Instead, let’s concentrate and spend our time cherishing our real friends. Those friends that are always there for us, who help us discover the good in things.

Real friends heal, they really do.

Love & Light,