Blog / Silvia's Blog Quotes · March 13, 2016

Blog Quotes Part 1

This is the first of what will eventually be many posts over the next several months or longer of quotes pulled right out of this blog of mine. Feel free to save them and share! To save the bigger version of the image, click on the image first to load it, then right click to save image.


While you stare at my child, is it too much to ask you to smile? A little smirk? A Wave? Small talk? “Hey kido, having a good day?”, anything will do. I promise you, he won’t bite.


I have learned that life is far from fair and we would be better off flinging that thought as far from us as possible.


EB is relentless, does not stop for anything nor anyone. It’s a struggle to keep fighting at times, but we will keep fighting.


For the past 19 years we tried it ALL-bandages, no bandages, light bandages, heavy bandages-if we bandage how we do it it is because it is INDEED in his best interest.


Some of us carry ‘info’ cards we pass to people that look even mildly interested. Our goal is always to educate people, EB is so rare, we need all the awareness we can get!

Love & Light,

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