Blog · February 3, 2018

25 Facts about Me

In this world full of alternative facts, here’s some real facts about me. I will do one about Nicky too sometime!!! 🙂

1. I lived in 2 countries and in 4 different states – Italy & USA -New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California. I grew up in Italy, and my heart is still there.

2. Except for a one-year and a half period where I was a ‘divorced mom’, Nicky never had a babysitter again. Connor NEVER had a baby sitter. If they are not with mom, they are with dad or at school. I take great pride in that, and even when I went to school and work, I did it during the hours that they were either in school or when dad could watch them. Yes, the financial sacrifice was enormous, but I would do it again.

3. I met my husband in 1984 but we didn’t get married until 2002! He was the one that ‘got away’ and I finally caught him!

4. My mom was on the Italian version of Wheel of Fortune!

5. Before I die I want to go to London, Paris, New York, Rome and Pompeii.

6. I am not done writing books about Nicky’s life… who knows when I will be done. I am waiting to see what happens… a cure maybe? That would be my dream.

7. I am fluent in Italian, English, I understand written French (since I took French for 5 years in Italy growing up) and I understand Spanish.

8. I am a Trekkie! I’ve watched every episode of every TV show and every movie. I went to countless conventions and met everyone in the cast of TOS and TNG.

9. Nothing beats a Pizza Margherita in Venice, Italy. Nothing.

10. I am a cat person. Give me a kitty any day and I am hooked. Love dogs, I will eventually get a little one when I am lonely, if that will ever happen.

11. I have a double degree (associates) in Digital Imaging and Graphic Arts.

12. Used to write a column for Special Need Parents called ‘Special Mommy Chronicles’ which is now a book (available at Amazon!!).

13. One of my favorite hobbies is genealogy.

14. One of my passions is photography.

15. I met Linda Hamilton in late 2007 and had a half hour conversation with her.

16. If there is a heaven I hope there is a beach attached to it.

17. I am a very content person. I don’t have to have designer clothes, expensive jewlery or a house at the beach, all I need is my husband near me and my kids nearby to watch and kiss.

18. I love getting a bargain. I think it’s a crime to pay full retail price unless it’s something you REALLY need NOW!

19. I love Coffee… any kind.

20. I am a huge Outlander freak.

21. I hate EB for taking my son’s life and for making Nicky’s life a living hell.

22. I don’t particularly LOVE to cook, but I like to experiment with new recipes and watch cooking shows!

23. I prefer text or email than the phone.

24. I don’t care what kind of car you drive, the house you live in, or how much money you have, all I care about is what’s in your heart.

25. Yes, I lost a baby on March 1, 1995. He was full term, he died inside of me the day before he was due. I still had to give birth to him and I held his lifeless body in my arms while I told him how much I loved him. It was the greatest loss of my life. It took me months before I could go a day without crying. Over the years I have been amazed how people have belittled his existence and wonder why I am not ‘over it’ yet.

Love & Light,