What I am watching I know I am extremely late to the party, but by the time I heard about how fabulous this show was it was too late to start watching from the beginning. Looking for something to watch right after Christmas after Outlander ended I saw that Downton Abbey was available to stream on Amazon Prime and I got hooked from the very first episode. I love the period it entails, right around WW1 and after, the father with 3 daughters (my dad had 3 girls as well!) and the whole house staff that was so endearing. Mrs. Patmore anyone? And the indomitable Mrs. Violet Crawley. Loved it. I watched all 6 seasons in less than 2 months. Simply FAB. I never watch most of these sports, what am I saying? I never watch ALL these sports unless it’s the Olympics!!! Skiing, Skateboarding, Luge, Figure Skating, I can’tRead More →