A couple of weeks ago my family got devastating news. My sister, her husband, and our 88 year old aunt all got diagnosed with COVID-19. We do not know how any of them got it, we are thinking perhaps it was from my aunt’s dentist that was asymptomatic, but it almost no longer matters. My sister is mostly okay, my BIL a little worse, but my aunt within a few days was in the hospital and later died. She was okay beforehand. She was never someone in great health, but did not have any respiratory problems of any kind. Her heart gave out because her lungs could not give it and other organs enough oxygen. I was already very careful before her death, I always wore my mask and use disinfectant gel often when I am out and about, which is rare. Now though, I wear 2 masks. One N95Read More →

It’s been a while since I updated everyone on Nicky’s health. So, here I go. Because of the COVID-19 all kinds of appointments were cancelled, but Nicky does have an iron/blood infusion in early July and an esophageal dilatation on August 24th, so he does have some stuff happening soon. We did have a couple of “virtual” appointments and a couple of “phone” appointments which were interesting to say the least! Nicky even attended a few sessions of Camp Wonder online since Camp itself was cancelled. Boo. Nicky missed camp last year because he was in the hospital, so that made it two years in a row that he missed Camp. He was not happy about it, but everything seems to be cancelled this year. The major issue he has right now is indeed throat problems, he cannot swallow his own saliva at times and it’s really hard to goRead More →

Haven’t written in a while. 3 months to be exact. This new year started and it knocked me out cold. At first it was Nicky’s wounds. They were BAD. The word “bad” doesn’t even give it justice, they were ATROCIOUS! So, I spent a great deal of time researching, googling, I couldn’t think of anything else but help my son. Then Connor started swimming, so I was his Taxi to school, to swim, to karate etc and I decided I was going to practice the piano every day while I was waiting to pick him up. I put all my focus on that. I had fun, but it was getting hard. When the hands do very different things it’s just… aarghhh. I have to practice the same piece a thousand times and I still can’t get it right. So, now I took a break from it. Will pick it backRead More →