A few weeks ago I came across this show about a big discovery in South Africa of a humanoid previously unknown and I was completely immersed in it, finding their unearthing absolutely fascinating. One of the researchers then stated that the reason why he was interested in this finding is the same reason why anyone is interested in their ancestry. Somewhere, we realize that there is a little bit of them in us and we want to learn more. As someone that is absolutely gaga over genealogy, I found complete truth in that. It’s not just who I look like, it’s about who my ancestors were. The first thing I want to know is what they did for a living, for example. The fact that my great-grandfather was a cheesemaker tickles me to no end. Case in point, there are two branches of my mom’s family tree that are an absoluteRead More →

My love of genealogy sometimes makes me want to know more about my ancestors other than their names and dates. It makes me want to push forward and learn more about them as people, as human beings that lived a very different life than I am right now. I wrote about the life of my great-aunt Caterina in a blog a few years back, we were so lucky that she was interviewed for a book and by doing so told stories I never heard, and even my dad never heard. It was amazing. In 2012 I took it upon myself to do something similar for myself, my children and future generations. I compiled a list of questions to ask my mom and dad about their childhood and the people in their lives. It was interesting to find out that even though I thought I knew my parents backwards and forwards,Read More →