Two years ago Nicky started a clinical trial at Stanford with a cream called “Zorblisa” that helped his wounds heal quite a bit. This is not a cure, of course, but getting wounds not only healed but healed WELL is always paramount to ensure optimal health. No wounds = no infections and no cancer, which are the deadly complications of RDEB.  For us, preventing wounds to begin with became a quest. While we cannot claim this as a miracle cream or anything, with continuous use it has healed and kept healed areas that were open for a long time, so we’ve been pretty happy all in all. Specifically his left knee and left arm have been consistently much better than they used to be. The cream does not prevent new blisters, it just helps the healing, which with Nicky’s form of EB (Recessive Dystrophic, Generalized Severe) can get to the pointRead More →