A lot of times, when seeing articles posted about children with EB, we see these sorts of titles: Girl can’t hug parents because rare skin condition causes her to blister when touched Video: Mom Can’t Hug Baby  Little Boy Blisters When He’s Touched Due to Rare Disorder Adorable five-year-old girl can’t hug her mum because of rare fragile skin disorder Heartbreaking: Parents Can’t Hold Baby For Fear Her Skin Will Come Off ‘Blister baby’ whose skin is so sensitive she cannot be cuddled I’ve often had issues with these kind of titles, because they imply that we cannot touch or hug our children at all, but… I get it. You need a “grabbing” headline to get people’s attention, even though it’s an exaggeration. In this society that is bombarded with information 24/7, to get people to “click” or watch, you need a NEON sign. And if there was a conditionRead More →