Blog / Silvia's Blog Quotes · April 15, 2020

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I care too much, and it’s OK. I will not let anyone tell me I am wrong to love, to have empathy or compassion. Period.
I want to live a life surrounded by people that believe in human decency, my emotional health demands it.
I will not let anyone make me believe that my “bleeding heart” is a character defect. On the contrary. I choose and I let myself see, feel, understand.
There is a shadow overwhelming everything and that is how much my son is suffering.
It’s exhausting to try to explain to people why my child is entitled as the next person to his life when there is a notion out there that he is taking up too many resources.
Never argue with someone’s belief deeply rooted in something they felt on their own skin. Not only it shows absolute disrespect for their struggles, but since your opinion is one not rooted in a personal experience, it means absolutely nothing to them.