Blog · September 23, 2020

RIP Ruth

The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg got me blogging again. She was one of those pioneers for women that will be hard to replace, most especially on the Supreme Court. For what it seems like right now, her possible replacement is against everything she was for, which is sobering.
It’s sobering to me in particular because I know how much RBG changed our country, and for the better. I honestly want a supreme court that gives a crap about Health Care, not reverse Roe.
Reversing Roe will not stop abortions, it will only make them unsafe. For those that have seen episodes of “Call the Midwife” where women would risk their life for an abortion, you know that’s the truth. Women in devastating situations WILL die. Period.
As per Health Care… I guess it must be easy to knock the “medicare for all” when all your children are healthy and you never had to declare bankruptcy, let alone two, and you always had insurance. The arrogance and lack of compassion is astounding.

I can cry just for that. This country is going backwards.

But what I can cry about right now is how I see a lot of deeply religious people that instead of showing empathy and compassion for what’s happening with COVID-19 and the hundreds of thousands that died (200,000 + as I write this), or the hurricanes’ devastation in the Gulf, or the unprecedented fires here in California, are instead unkind and unwilling to show sympathy or concern for those whose life is beyond hard, people that have lost everything, people that have lost their lives.

Instead, they are immediately ready to condemn strangers for things they know nothing about. “God is punishing” is their immediate go-to. It could be their sexual orientation, their faith, their traditions, their politics, their country of birth, their reasons why they are homeless, their need for an abortion. They judge situations they don’t understand. So, instead of being more Jesus-like and try to understand, they judge. They mention some bible quote and they feel superior. That’s what it’s about. They want to feel superior… holier than thou. They glorify greed, money, gold toilets.
The truth is, God does not punish. I’ve never believed that, and I certainly don’t believe it now, or ever.

How far the Church has strayed. I want a church that helps humans understand one another. I want a church that defaults to compassion. A church with no borders, a generous one, one that helps the poor, the homeless, the hungry.
How far we humans have strayed from the words Jesus professed to “Love one another”. How separated we become from our true soul. Kindness mutated into Greed.

When something tragic happens to a fellow human being and your first reaction is NOT empathy but finding someone to blame… you’re part of the problem humanity is facing right now. Compassion for one another is vital. Without it, we will not survive.

Please choose kindness everyone. Wear your mask, if not for you, for your fellow human beings. Wash your hands. And for Goodness sakes, VOTE!

Love & Light,