I am a very spiritual person. I grew up catholic and I have attended service at many different churches from many different denominations, mostly to satisfy my curiosity, so I am very well aware of how incredibly sensitive this issue of religion is. Your beliefs are important and they should never be belittled nor should you ever be questioned about them.  It’s because of this that I am just very surprised when people start “bragging” how they prayed, and their illness either vastly improved or even disappeared. Please don’t misunderstand me. I do not think it’s bad to be thankful, nor I think it’s impossible for any prayer to get unanswered. As a matter of fact, gratefulness is incredibly important and I do believe in miracles. What I have an issue is when people in general point fingers at others, and especially at parents of children with special needs orRead More →

When I was a teenager in the late 70s and early 80s, the hardest thing for me to deal with was being constantly compared to others. As a young woman, I was far from being popular, athletic or confident, and people around me made sure to let me know about it. Not my parents, mind you, but “others”, whose identity I will keep to myself. My older sister, for example, was always very athletic, so when I ended up with her gym teacher, she treated me lower than low because she expected more from me and I simply could not deliver. She would single me out and blame me for things I didn’t do. It was horrible. I hated her class. I didn’t want to be there. Because I chewed my nails ravenously, a couple of  “relatives” constantly told me I needed to do my nails like “such and such”. They toldRead More →