Blog · January 21, 2015

Almost there…

The first time I saw my little Nicky

The first time I saw my little Nicky

As of yesterday, my book Butterfly Child is officially done. I cried a thousand tears writing this memoir, which encompasses the past 20 years of my life. As of right now I am doing a final re-read, going through every page with a fine tooth-comb, making sure the grammar is top notch. I want to make sure it’s perfect. I am hopeful I can be done and I can make it available by mid-February.

I’ve thought long and hard how to market/publish this book, and if anyone has any info, suggestions or advice, please do pass it along. I am open to anything. Worse comes to worse there is always Lulu… it has served me well in the past.

Thank you everyone for your support, and please like the page below… it would mean the world to me. I will post more excerpts from the book and misc stuff. I will keep everyone posted on its release as well.


Love and Light,