Blog · August 9, 2015

12 Life Rules on Being a Mature & Responsible Adult

  1. EmilysQuotes.Com-life-short-forgive-quickly-kiss-slowly-love-truly-inspirational-advice-positive-Mark-TwainBe Healthy, Stay Healthy
    You have one body and it has to last you as long as possible, so treat it well. Vegetables, fruits? Yes! Your body loves those. Get your move on as well. Don’t have time to exercise? Just park as far away as possible, take the stairs, truly, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Move them legs.
  2. Don’t Be a Bitter Ex
    Bitterness feels bad. It’s aging. It’s negative. It’s yucky. Most especially if you have kids with that ex… just look for the positive, always. Ignore the negatives. You loved this person at one time, so remember that feeling. Never bad mouth the mother or father of your children to them. Never use your children against their other parent. NEVER! Grow up!
  3. Be Kind To Yourself
    Take time out for you. Do something you like. Stop talking negatively toward yourself. So what you have a few extra lbs, so what your tooth is crooked. Fix it if you want, but don’t let it define you. Relax. Destress. Always have ME time.
  4. Call Your Parents
    Always call your parents. They are not going to live forever. You have a beef with them for some reason? FIX IT.
  5. Take the Initiative
    You want to write? Write. You want to design clothes? Do it. Even if there is no money involved, at least at first, you can practice and get better with time. Can you imagine what an amazing world we could live in if everyone LOVED what they did?
  6. Be Kind/Never Assume
    You never know what people are going through. Many do not feel like sharing their troubles and prefer to keep to themselves. Never assume someone might have it easy. A closer look might show you otherwise…
  7. Don’t Air your Dirty Laundry in Public
    With the advent of Facebook, it seems as if some people are overly sharing things that should never be shared or should only be shared with precious few, not everyone. It’s like they are gossiping on their own life. Have some dignity and respect for yourself! Edit, edit, edit.
  8. Don’t Over-spend/Save 
    Unclutter your life. You do not need all this stuff. Live Simply. People rely on their credit cards way too much. I know, I did too. Make a budget with a little extra spending money and everything else stash away. You can have different stashes, a stash for a vacation, for xmas, for retirement, what-have you. I despise paying interest on something that I bought on sale. Why did I buy it on sale if I then have to pay interest? Forget it. It’s fine if you like shoes and want to splurge every now and again (you should see my boot & book collection) but think hard before you splurge every day or too often. Ice-cream does not taste as good when you eat it every day, does it?
  9. Don’t Bad-Mouth Others
    It does not matter the context, if you were hurt or feel like venting. Do not bad-mouth publicly ANYONE. It reflects extremely bad on you. Extremely. It’s like a sharp sword that turns back on YOU! This includes bad-mouthing people that do not believe in your religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation… your ex! Seriously, don’t do it.
  10. Don’t Quit
    Defeat is part of life. My first baby was stillborn, the second I lost to a miscarriage. Then I had a child with EB. I am also certain I lost 2 babies before I knew I was pregnant, mostly because my period was mega-late. Did I quit? No. I wanted my healthy baby, and in the end I got it. I am no quitter.
  11. Don’t Regret Growing Older
    It’s a privilege denied to many, isn’t it? Cherish each wrinkle. Your skin will get loser too. It’s ok. You’re still you, just wiser. If you want to live a long life, you’ve got to put up with it. Know it’s going to happen. It’s OK.
  12. Laugh & Love More
    Be the first to say you’re sorry. Laugh until you cry and Love with all your heart.