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Nicky’s Life Part 9

This is part 9 of an infinite series of photos I am posting on the Facebook page I have for the book I wrote about my journey raising my son with RDEB (Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa) called Butterfly Child. I am posting a few images from Nicky’s life and commenting on either what was going on at the time or explaining things about the picture per se.

This “picture commentary” will serve as a companion for anyone that is kind enough to purchase and read my book as my appreciation and thanks.


November 2000 – This photo was taken a week before his 4th birthday. This was right after a bandage change. I took a little break before wrapping his hands, Nicky was still upset from the ordeal, I wanted him to relax a little. I hated inflicting all this pain to my son, as I still do to this day. But what else could I do? Life with EB sucks.

Here’s the link on where to purchase the book if interested:

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