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Nicky’s Life Part 12

This is part 12 of an infinite series of photos I am posting on the Facebook page I have for the book I wrote about my journey raising my son with RDEB (Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa) called Butterfly Child. I am posting a few images from Nicky’s life and commenting on either what was going on at the time or explaining things about the picture per se.

This “picture commentary” will serve as a companion for anyone that is kind enough to purchase and read my book as my appreciation and thanks.


May 2002 – At 5 years old, Nicky was wrapped from head to toe, I even put gauze between the toes, I was so paranoid of him losing his hands and feet to webbing and contracting. The only shoes he could wear at this point were slippers. At this time Nicky was going to Kindergarten and was about to graduate. He was intrigued by this kitty his stepsister got for her birthday. He always loved kitties! Sweetness!

Here’s the link on where to purchase the book if interested:

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