Blog · January 8, 2012

Nicky’s wound/hand pics

So, silly me… I wanted to have a ton of pre-surgery pics of Nicky’s hand, but I messed up. Nicky wanted his ‘left’ hand done so I took several photos of that hand, but then two weeks ago he changed his mind and decided to do the right one and I never did take good, proper pics of it.

The right hand was in slighter worse shape than the left one. While the left hand still has a mostly straight index finger, the right hand did not. Beside that, both hands were in similar shape, as the thumb was webbed toward the palm of the hand and the pinky completely webbed in the hand, so much one could not see it with the naked eye.

I wrote a BLOG on Caringbridge about the whys and the hows of the surgery itself with a bit of history. Since I am limited on the photos I can post there and Facebook told me that anymore wound pics and they would delete my account, I have no other choice but post them here, with Nicky’s consent, of course.

I took these photos during Hydrotherapy on December 28th, 2011. This is the hand that had the surgery. The middle and ring finger are still pretty straight, but the pinky is completely webbed in.

This is the left arm, he has some raised wounds that concerned the Doctor at CHLA. While he was fairly certain it is a form of granulation tissue, he wanted to biopsy these anyway, and since he knew he was having hand surgery done soon, he asked the folks at Stanford if they could biopsy these while Nicky was “under” for surgery.

This is pretty much the only other pic I have of his right hand. The thumb did not stretch beyond this position and while the fingers were out, they were ‘curvy’. Pinky is gone.

In two weeks we’ll go take the cast off and I will take the photos of the ‘after’. The first photos will not be pretty, since this is a syntactically release, his hand is pretty much “skinless” at this moment inside the cast and it will not heal by the time they remove the cast. In the past it took around 6+ weeks for the hand to heal back up, but he was MUCH younger then, so at this point, we’re not sure how long it will take to heal completely.