Blog · January 23, 2012

Post-surgery pics

Once again I am forced to post these pics on my blog instead of, say, Facebook or caringbridge due to Facebook’s constantly deleting my wound pics and caringbridge not really giving me much space or a way to clearly display these.

The detailed blog about the cast removal is here:

Below is the hand carefully re-wrapped by the PT ladies after the cast was removed. He has a splint under to keep the wrist straight and the hand open.


Below is the hand unwrapped. The thumb may not look like it’s way out, but it’s quite a bit more out than it was, Nicky is absolutely thrilled. The index finger is not where we were hoping, but it’s better than it was and we’ll do physical therapy to pull it back more while the skin on it is still “soft” from surgery. Will explain more on Caringbridge on what that means…


This picture shows the pinky, which is AMAZING. We haven’t seen that little thing in YEARS. Now, it’s the only finger that it’s still quite raw and quite painful, but overall we were very happy that the rest of the hand was mostly healed.