Blog · December 8, 2016

I Chose Sanity

So… ever since the election I decided that my desire for sanity needed immediate precedence over the desire of being well-informed. Being well-informed nowadays, I found out, is almost impossible anyway.

With the advent of fake news and the news biz in general being more interested in generating profit and viewership over reporting actual news, it seems to me that our society, at least in the US, is in serious decline. Nobody knows anything anymore. People believe everything they read or see on TV. I suppose I should resort at getting my news from sites like or but it’s exhausting to keep up. It truly is. I have better things to do with my time than looking around and see what the “real” story is.

So, for my well being, I decided that my sanity was more important. My health was more important. How many times my blood pressure went up just reading this crap? Too many times. It’s not worthed.

Since the “news” are now in my trash bin, I decided to replace them with something else, and I decided it was time to watch some movies. I am in awe of how many movies I’ve seen in the past month that have been so incredible and amazing that I never heard of. My DVR is now full of movies and I try to watch one at least every other day. The inspirational messages or the diversion that they provide has helped me in ways that far surpass anything that could possibly come from any news outlet. I am loving it.

In a way, I am taking a page out of Nicky’s playbook. He just wants to have fun. He has no notion of “news”. He has no idea of what’s going on and he does not care, either. This is probably why he’s so happy and positive all the time.

That does not mean I will not advocate for him. I will still and always vote for my son’s best interest at heart, sign petitions that would help him and other families in distress, share the love and resist the hate, but the daily BS is now completely over. I am done. I am done being told what to believe, what to be afraid of, who to trust, what to think and who to hate. The mental slavery to this type of stuff is completely over.

Are you with me?

Peace out!