Blog · March 3, 2017

Make America Kind Again

We live in a world that has become overly hateful and judgemental, even plain rude, and to me, it’s a direction that needs to be reversed.

If there is an America we need right now is an America that is more kind. More understanding. More willing to give the benefit of the doubt. More willing to try to see the other’s point of view. If we’re not willing to do that, than we need to follow the rule we all learned in preschool: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

I know people are probably thinking I am talking about politics. I am not. Look, I was not happy with the election results, but I care about my health too much to spend my time badmouthing, name calling or insulting others who don’t think they way I do and becoming this hateful person I am not. So, I just turned the news off. This does not mean I don’t support my party or my causes, it just means I know what I can control and what I cannot. I will always support causes that can help my family and try to keep a positive outlook. My blood pressure and health depends on it.

What I am talking about is truly generally about the way people treat one another. I like writing blogs and running facebook pages – it helps me put things into perspective. I am not shoving anything down anyone’s throat. Anyone is free to like, not like, read, not read, visit, not visit, ignore or praise. I am not here to change anyone’s mind, I am here to express a point of view.

Some people, however, feel entitled to judge and ridicule. I am tired of people running their mouths like they are so high and mighty in front of their computer screen. I can’t possibly please everyone and I know I am not perfect. I am doing my best to give out positivity to people all around the world, I am doing my best to encourage people to be happy in their lives, no matter what lemons it has handed us. God knows it has handed me a crate full of them, but I learned how to live my life more positively for my peace of mind.

I wish everyone would do what I do. If I don’t agree with someone, I just unfollow or unlike. End of story. So why is it that when I express my feelings as a parent and as a caregiver, others want to silence me, or want me to try to sanitize them because, God forbid, I might offend someone, others who will make no qualms or give excuses in their efforts of judging instead of understanding? If you had nothing nice to say, then why did you say it? Why did you bother to take time out of your day just to hurt someone else? You could have just said nothing at all, rather than going out of your way to be mean.

Criticizing others is only warranted when they are defending themselves in some way when they were personally targeted or attacked. Short of that, you should neither initiate nor participate in berating others. One should refrain from expressing a negative opinion if there’s no benefit (other than fulfilling your desire to express your opinion-in which case, you should keep it to yourself).

I realize it is a blurred line between constructive criticism and just badmouthing for the sake of personal satisfaction. Free speech is a powerful tool, but the sad part is that it also carries a great responsibility to everyone around us.

We have no idea what others are going through and the sad part is that we KNOW what is the right thing to do.

So, do it.

Love & Light,