This year I am on track to read about 40 books. I read 30 so far. Surely some are tiny quote books, but several are much longer, thick books. I am not sure if I am trying to avoid reality or just wanting to fill my time with things I can learn from or distract myself with… perhaps a mixture of both. When Nicky was born I tried to fill in the gap of knowledge by perusing the web and the public library. Looking through the pictures, I gasped. Their bodies looked painful, hands webbed, bandaged, in wheelchairs. Was that how Nicky was going to be when he grew older? What effect would EB have on his body? How long would he live? Were there any treatments to make it better? Was there any research going on? There were no answers. In late 1996 the internet was in its infancy andRead More →

What I am watching Three years ago, as season 6 was about to start, I got tired of hearing about Game Of Thrones everywhere, so I decided to binge on seasons 1-5. I first started watching 1 per day, then eventually were 2, 3, by the time I finished binging on season 5, season 6 was about to end, so I watched the whole last season in 2 days! I became as obsessed as the rest of the country. There is a reason why everybody talks about this show; the production, the fantasy, the storylines that converge at critical times, the level of unexpected twists, the darkness, the gore and the excitement. It’s everything rolled into one. Five stars! It all started with a conversation with my son’s RN. She was so excited about the upcoming season of “Call the Midwife“. I love this lady, she’s bent over backwards forRead More →