Blog / What I'm Into · May 1, 2019

What I’m Into {April 2019 Edition}

What I am watching

Three years ago, as season 6 was about to start, I got tired of hearing about Game Of Thrones everywhere, so I decided to binge on seasons 1-5. I first started watching 1 per day, then eventually were 2, 3, by the time I finished binging on season 5, season 6 was about to end, so I watched the whole last season in 2 days! I became as obsessed as the rest of the country. There is a reason why everybody talks about this show; the production, the fantasy, the storylines that converge at critical times, the level of unexpected twists, the darkness, the gore and the excitement. It’s everything rolled into one. Five stars!

It all started with a conversation with my son’s RN. She was so excited about the upcoming season of “Call the Midwife“. I love this lady, she’s bent over backwards for Nicky on many occasions and we have the same taste on TV shows, politics and numerous other things, so when I heard that I figured I’d give it a try.
Let me go on record on saying I never once considered being a nurse of any kind. Not a midwife, not a regular nurse, not even a phlebotomist or any career in the medical field whatsoever. I am just too squeamish. I cannot imagine being in a place where people are in pain all the time. So, watching this particular show was never on my “radar”, so to speak. I often think we have to relate to something in some way to even have a reason to give it a try. This show, however, turned out to be a lot more about the human condition than the gore of childbirth. I could relate to the nuns, as I grew up with nuns, I could relate to women having miscarriages and stillbirths and having babies with health problems because I’ve been there. It tells these stories so well sometimes they have a profound effect on me. The episode on season 2 where the woman risked her own life to have an abortion? That was amazing. It gave me chills. These are true stories BTW, from the memoirs of Jennifer Worth.
Thumbs way up!

What I am Reading

Prince defined my generation. His music became very popular as I was in my late teens/early twenties and I was so obsessed with his Purple Rain album that I would play the cassette tape non-stop in my car for months at a time. No lie! He was my first “live concert” in the US and I will never forget the dancing in the heels he used to do. He always mesmerized me. I remember clearly when it became public knowledge that he and his wife had a son named Amiir Nelson, who was born a month before Nicky, and died after a week l from Pfeiffer syndrome.[329] The couple suffered a miscarriage afterwards and then separated. After he died 3 years ago his ex-wife wrote her memoirs of her life with Prince and I was drawn to it not only because of my interest in his life, but how their life were affected by these losses, as this is a subject close to my heart.

I found this absolute GEM at the thrift store a while back. It’s a little hardback book chuck full of advice, quotes and encouragement. It’s so well written, well put together, that it’s an absolute joy to pick it up when I feel sad or in need of a pick-me-up, knowing my feelings will be validated and understood.
I often go to thrift stores to browse for books. I love how cheap they are and I love the crazy variety I find. I have found autographed copies, first editions and books I didn’t even know existed. There is something about “browsing” that lifts my spirit. It’s like a treasure hunt. This was one of those treasures!

Love & Light,