Caregivers are selfless and do what they do because they love the person they care for, most often without monetary compensation. If you know a caregiver and want to show your appreciation, here are some ideas: Encourage him or her to relax by a gift of bubble bath items Pay them a sincere compliment Take his or her kids to the movies or out to the park for the afternoon Don’t compare their life or their loved one they are caring for with so-and-so Invite them out for coffee or lunch Ask them to tell you about their day Give them a day at the spa or mani/pedi Wash their car Never criticize any aspect of their life Arrange for a housecleaning or home organizer to help Bring dinner Cut them some extra slack Give them a gift card for their favorite restaurant Let them vent Bring over a niceRead More →

Even as a child, “It’s a Wonderful Life” touched me in ways hard for me to even comprehend; I didn’t yet have the life experiences to understand the emotions over struggles George and many of us go through. This is why this movie resonates nearly 70 years after its release. How many of us have had broken dreams? A loved one die? Career Dreams shattered? Bad Luck? Financial hardships? Discouragement? Watching others do things we can only wish we could do? As an adult I can wholeheartedly relate. Broken dreams? Check. Career Dreams shattered? Check. Financial hardships? Double Check. Bad Luck? Triple Check. Watching others do things I can only wish I could do? Quadruple Check. Discouragement? I could check that 100 times. Unlike George’s business, which helped his town immensely and more than he ever thought he did, my contribution is to my family. Sure, I would like to think I am makingRead More →

I was asked once why I do not use my personal blog to talk about my son or EB, as others do. The answer is a very personal one and a respectful one. I want to keep everything separate. My life is such a roller coaster right now, and has been for nearly two decades, that if I don’t keep my thoughts straight, I might lose my mind. I keep a blog about Nicky, where on occasion I always talk about my husband’s health at Caringbridge (, and I talk endlessly about EB at my Blog at the EB Info World website ( I even keep a blog about my photography and graphic design ( But this Blog is about me. The person that plays the role of caregiver, mom, nurse, student, cook, and of course there is the cleaning, the laundry, the grocery shopping, mom’s taxi… and the listRead More →