Even as a child, “It’s a Wonderful Life” touched me in ways hard for me to even comprehend; I didn’t yet have the life experiences to understand the emotions over struggles George and many of us go through. This is why this movie resonates nearly 70 years after its release. How many of us have had broken dreams? A loved one die? Career Dreams shattered? Bad Luck? Financial hardships? Discouragement? Watching others do things we can only wish we could do? As an adult I can wholeheartedly relate. Broken dreams? Check. Career Dreams shattered? Check. Financial hardships? Double Check. Bad Luck? Triple Check. Watching others do things I can only wish I could do? Quadruple Check. Discouragement? I could check that 100 times. Unlike George’s business, which helped his town immensely and more than he ever thought he did, my contribution is to my family. Sure, I would like to think I am makingRead More →

With Thanksgiving just a few hours away I’ve been pondering the words of a few relatives lately, relatives that I have a hard time speaking with because joy, thankfulness and looking for the silver lining no matter how dire the situation seems to not be part of their psyche. I would be ok to listen to their complaining if it was seldom, warranted and they took my feelings into consideration, but they never do. Their wining is constant, about small stuff, they offer no support nor recognize my family’s health issues and what’s worse, if I dare say that whatever they are dealing with or dealt with is minute compared to my situation, well, I don’t dare say that. Mainly because it’s not worthed. But… think about it. Would you complain to a child with EB about your scar? Would you complain to a homeless man about your broken living room table?Read More →