What I am watching I have to be honest, the last thing I wanted to do this summer was sitting in front of the TV and watch endless shows. I should be in Italy right now visiting my family. I was supposed to take my kids camping, and I wanted to take a stroll by the beach. But… COVID-19 ruined everything for everyone, so we are stuck at home, hoping, praying, that my son Nicky and my husband won’t get sick. So, here we are. Lately I’ve been watching all kinds of shows trying to find something good… I saw a several shows that I can’t really suggest, they were just weird or bizarre. Then FINALLY I came across this one… ALLELUJA!!! Something really good! I can talk endlessly about The Affair! SO MUCH resonated with me. Surprisingly, I’ve never heard of this show until last fall when Showtime wasRead More →